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Mitch's Media Musings, June 16 - July 15, 2017

I was reading a Facebook post this week that talked about supporting journalism in America. Readers were asked to note publications that they were paying for monthly, annually, etc. The message is that while there are some media outlets that don’t have a subscription fee, including local television and many local radio stations, there are many outlets that are supported by subscriptions and advertising.

Now and forever, a strong media is the foundation of a strong nation. It’s vital that we have journalists who’re asking the tough questions, the annoying questions, the repetitive questions. Many times, it’s not “sexy” journalism, but we all know how important it is.

Our media outlets aren’t perfect. Errors creep in. Opinions may guide stories. But there are thousands of dedicated people out there who really are trying make a positive difference.

So … take a minute and see what you’re reading, watching and listening to this week. If you’re not already subscribing to something, pick one or two and subscribe. Doesn’t matter if it’s a local website, a newspaper, or your local public radio station. As the Atlanta Press Club says: “Journalism Matters” (and you can support the APC as well!). (editor’s note: jump off soapbox here)

Journalists: This could be you! Recent offerings from our “4 Questions Journalist Spotlight” features with Atlanta Daybook include: WSB radio host Monica Matthews, publisher Gary Powell of Oz magazine, Bret Love of Green Global Travel, and Travis Taylor of wanderlust Atlanta. You can see them all here: Message me if you’d like to be featured.

Every month we highlight for local media a selection of experts from our Mitch’s Media Match database ( This month we’ve doing a “food focus” with four local chefs and/or restaurant owners!

John Metz is executive chef, CEO and co-founder of Marlow’s Tavern and Sterling Hospitality, as well as Aqua blue and

Sterling Spoon Culinary Management, which operates hand-spun brands Market Street Café, Bistro 191 and Bistro 1230. Metz has over 30 years of restaurant and hospitality experience and began his career at some of New York’s finest restaurants before serving as executive chef and executive director of research and development for Carlson Restaurants Worldwide. Today, Metz has opened locations of Marlow’s Tavern in Georgia and Florida.

Kamel Aymen is the owner of 5Church Atlanta. A New York native, Kamel is a principal with 5Church Group (owner of 5Church and Nan and Byron’s). In January 2016, he moved his family to Atlanta so that he could be on the ground managing all aspects of 5Church’s newest location from A to Z. “I fell in love with Atlanta many years ago, and it has been my dream to open a restaurant here,” says Kamel of his affinity for 5Church’s newest location. “Because we are so hands-on with our operations, we are able to establish the same high-quality dining experience in Atlanta that we offer in Charlotte and Charleston.

Sandra Spoon is the owner of Atkins Park and Ormsby’s restaurants. She has been a Virginia-Highland resident since 1985, living on St. Charles Ave, Los Angeles Ave. and now North Highland Ave. Spoon began working at Atkins Park Restaurant & Bar that same year and went on to become one of the restaurant’s partners in 1994. She now owns and operates both Atkins Park locations in Virginia-Highland and Smyrna, as well as Ormsby’s in West Midtown. She served on the original Virginia-Highland Summerfest festival committee and has participated in the Virginia-Highland Tour of Homes for the past decade.

John Adamson is the executive chef at American Cut restaurant. Also known as the “nicest chef you will ever meet,” Adamson has been cooking professionally for 22 years. He began his cooking journey at the age of 16 and was managing restaurants by the age of 21. He dedicates time to exploring different types of cuisines, shopping farmer’s markets and enjoying the great outdoors which inspires his cooking. Growing up in Point Pleasant, New Jersey, Adamson developed a deep love for “the freshest seafood found anywhere.”

Remember you can check our Atlanta media blog anytime throughout the month. The link’s right at the top of the main page of Leff’s Atlanta Media ( and Mitch’s Media Match (

Got changes? Working a new beat? Additions or departures? Great stories you want to brag about? Let me know and I'll put it in the blog.

Mitch Leff

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Mitch's Media Musings

June 16 - July 15, 2017

Awards & Recognitions

The 2017 nominees for the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame are in! Voting starts July 1. Nominees from the Atlanta area include:

  • Mark Arum, WSB traffic reporter

  • Requaya Ward, WRFG host

  • Becky Cipcic, former Z93 DJ

  • David Cohen, Georgia State sports announcer

  • Sabrina Gibbons Cupit, WSB radio anchor/reporter

  • Tom Giglio, former chief engineer at WQXI

  • Frank Ski, V-103 host

  • Don Sutton, Braves broadcaster and baseball Hall of Famer

Keith Kalland and Esmond Patterson will be inducted in the legacy category. Kalland, who died in 2002, was a traffic reporter with WGST. Patterson, a gospel radio host with WAOK, passed away in 2003.

The Who's Who in Black Atlanta Awards, sponsored by the Atlanta Tribune will be held on Friday, June 28 at 6 pm at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. You can book a table at this link:

The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) will be holding a mixer/mingle on July 25 at noon at Apres Diem. Registration and details via this link:

Congrats to former WSB Radio reporter Pete Combs (now at KOMO Radio in Seattle), who has won an Edward R. Murrow Award for breaking news coverage of a May Day demonstration and another for Overall Excellence.

General Media Musings

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

  • Reporter Jewel Wicker has left the outlet. We've added her contact information to the freelancer section of our database.

  • Reporter Greg Bluestein has made the Atlanta Jewish Times’ “40 Under 40” list.

Diversity in Action -- We've added this glossy mag from the folks at Know Atlanta to our database. The magazine was created to highlight the achievements of current and future members of the diverse STEM workforce and will appear eight times a year. Adrienne Lewin is managing editor. Cory Sekine-Pettite and Megan Thornton are associate editors.

GPB - Reporter Sean Powers wins an AP award for Investigative Journalism.

Marietta Daily Journal - Feature Editor Katy Ruth Camp is starting a weekly column called "Cobb Cares." It'll run every Wednesday in the Life & Style section and will cover positive, helpful Cobb news.


  • The AJC's Rodney Ho reports on another shake-up at the station as the news director and several others are let go. Gone are News Director Frank Volpicella, Chief Meteorologist Jim Kosek, Managing Editor Paul Caron (he's about to start at WHNT-TV in Huntsville, AL as Assistant News Director), Operations Manager James Estes, Noon Producer Jason Becknell (he's already started a new producer job at The Weather Channel) and Volpicella's admin, Amanda Smith.

  • The AJC's Rodney Ho reports that there's a new News Director at the station, Steve Doerr. Link to Ho's story:

Where Atlanta -- Colleen McNally has taken the editor position at the magazine. She was previously with Points North magazine. No word yet on where former editor Michelle Khouri-Jachim is headed.

WSB Radio - The Monica Matthews Show has replaced Scott Slade's Sunday morning news show. His weekday news shows will continue.

WSB-TV/Channel Two -- Fred Blankenship and Mark Arum paid tribute to rapper Prodigy they day after he died by working lyrics into their newscast on June 22.

WXIA 11 Alive – The station's investigative team, led by Brendan Keefe, clearly has a fan in John Oliver, who praised their "Lost on the Line: 911 Emergency" piece as an example of excellence in independent, unbiased journalism on an episode of "Last Week Tonight." This is the second time the investigation has been praised on the show; Oliver previously used the team's evidence to support his own emergency services story.

News from the PR Dept.

  • Carlos Campos named Public Affairs Director at the City of Atlanta Police Department.

  • Jovis Communications - Michael Moore is now contracting services in social media and other areas of digital content. Jovis Communications specializes in personal brand management in the realm of social channels, email marketing and website management. The firm also offers editorial services such as proofreading, transcription, copy editing and feature writing. Visit for more information.


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