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Media Training

Hitting Your Mark. Every Time.

Well-chosen words can help a business, bit ill-chosen ones can have serious negative consequences.  With the opportunity to present your views through the media, comes the onus of using that “bully pulpit” responsibly. 


Being ill-prepared and “winging” an interview is a recipe for disaster. The absence of a prepared spokesperson can be extremely damaging to a company. Customers and other key audiences must be informed. They look for an authority figure to be an informative, calming voice.


Being interviewed for a news story can be intimidating. But the team at Leff & Associates knows the secrets to being prepared, confident and credible. 


Our Hitting Your Mark media training is built to help executives get comfortable delivering the right messages during interviews. Our team focuses on three areas.


  • Customized training based on the participant’s prior media experience and comfort level.


  • Confidence building: Enables executives to deliver messages clearly, concisely and with impact.


  • Challenging the executive in a safe environment: our interactive process uses hands-on techniques to ensure a strong performance no matter what style of interviewing an executive encounters.


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